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How do UAPF branches work in August?

How do UAPF branches work in August?


In order to ensure the safety of the population and workers in quarantine conditions, the following operating modes of its regional branches are organized in the Unified Pension Accumulative Fund (UAPF).

Full-time service by appointment is provided in eight regional branches - in Aqtobe, Atyrau, Zhambyl, West Kazakhstan, Qyzylorda, Mangistau, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions, as well as in the regional branch in the city of Zhezkazgan and in the city of Nur-Sultan (in branch at the address 4, Republic ave.).

You can make an appointment on the corporate website enpf.kz, literally in two or three clicks. On the main page of the site, go to the tab "E-Services", then click on the banner "Book a queue for service", after which you can independently choose a convenient time for you to visit the branch.

Opening hours of branch offices on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday are days off. During the break from 13:00 to 14:00, the operating rooms are closed for ventilation, wet cleaning and disinfection / quartzing. There are also two technical breaks of 15 minutes in the first and second half of the day to disinfect work surfaces, chairs, door handles, handrails, etc., ventilate the premises.

In other regions, a number of restrictive measures are in effect until August 31 inclusively, taking into account the regional situation. The UAPF offices provide remote services and contactless document acceptance services.

Contactless service is provided on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 with a break from 13:00 to 14:00. The addresses of the branch offices operating in contactless mode are posted on the website enpf.kz.

On-duty employees of the Fund, by appointment, carry out contactless reception of documents for services that cannot be obtained in electronic format, subject to strict sanitary and epidemiological measures and social distancing. Services that cannot be obtained online include:

– execution of applications for the appointment of pension benefits in connection with the death of the contributor / beneficiary (burial expenses);

- registration of applications for the appointment of pension benefits in connection with the death of the contributor / beneficiary (inheritance);

- registration of applications for the assignment of pension benefits in connection with a leave for a permanent place of residence outside the Republic of Kazakhstan (in exceptional cases, at the request of a consumer of the services of the Fund);

- execution of applications for the transfer of pension accumulations from UAPF JSC to insurance organizations;

- registration of applications for the appointment of pension payments in case of an established permanent disability group I / II;

- execution of an application for opening an individual pension saving account for recording compulsory occupational pension contributions, including applications for joining an agreement on pension provision at the expense of compulsory occupational pension contributions.

Other types of UAPF services, for example, obtaining a statement from an individual pension saving account, changing details, signing of pension provision agreements at the expense of VPC, etc., you can receive online without leaving your home using the ENPF mobile application and My Account posted on the Fund’s corporate website www.enpf.kz (step-by-step instructions on how to receive e- services are attached in the relevant sections).

In the regional offices of UAPF, field service is also organized in compliance with strict sanitary and epidemiological measures. In this case, a preliminary consultation is carried out (including checking for the possibility of obtaining services remotely, without leaving). When providing field services to citizens, services are provided for drawing up applications for opening individual pension saving accounts for accounting for compulsory occupational pension contributions (including applications for joining the agreement on pension provision at the expense of compulsory occupational pension contributions). Also contributors (beneficiaries) belonging to the category of socially vulnerable segments of the population (disabled people of groups 1-2 with permanent disabilities) are serviced in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological measures. The employees of the Fund are always ready to provide contributors (beneficiaries) with advice on the accumulative pension system and remote support for receiving electronic services of the Fund through:

1) telephone calls to duty officers of regional branch offices (a list of them is available on the site enpf.kz);

2) contacting the Fund's call center at short number 1418;

3) chatbot in Whats app, Viber, Facebook, VKontakte by phone number +7 777 000 14 18;

4) an online consultant on the corporate website of the Fund www.enpf.kz;

5) by sending applications by e-mail on enpf@enpf.kz;

6) accounts in social networks: Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Telegram, Odnoklassniki.

In addition, you can receive UAPF services by sending a package of documents by mail (Kazpost JSC) with the option of preliminary online verification of a package of documents on the Fund’s corporate website.


The list of all branches of UAPF JSC and their working hours are available on the UAPF website.

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