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How to find out your future pension benefit or annuity payments?

How to find out your future pension benefit or annuity payments?


Today, each contributor to the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund can independently calculate their future retirement benefits using one of the most popular services on the Fund's website, the Forecast Pension Calculator. It covers all components of a pension within the multi-level pension system of Kazakhstan: state basic pension and old-age (or PAYG) pension, as well as a pension formed from compulsory pension contributions (CPC), compulsory occupational pension contributions (COPC) and voluntary pension contributions (VPC).

Calculations are very simple. To do this, in the forecast calculator, you must fill in all the necessary fields, such as date of birth, gender, seniority, amount of accumulations, etc. If you are registered in your personal account on the website enpf.kz, then the fields in the calculator are filled in automatically and the calculation of the future pension is carried out literally in two or three clicks.

Next, you will see the results of calculating your future benefits from the UAPF, which are issued in three scenarios: pessimistic, realistic, and optimistic. All three options take into account the expected level of return. Moreover, all forecast results are presented in real value terms (minus inflation of the corresponding forecast period). In addition, you will see the age and date of retirement, the number of years before exhaustion of accumulations, etc.

Note that a new function is now added to the forecast calculator. If the predicted amount of pension accumulations (generated by CPC, COPC, and VPC) is sufficient by retirement age, a pop-up window will appear informing the user about the possibility of concluding a pension annuity agreement with an insurance organization in the future and receiving lifelong pension payments. The calculation immediately allows you to find out the forecast amount of the annuity payment from the insurance company, thereby you can independently compare it with benefits paid according to the schedulefrom UAPF.

Let us remind you that on the website enpf.kz there is an opportunity to calculate the amount of pension accumulations for the current year, sufficient to transfer it to an insurance company, for this you need a pension calculator in “Transfer Accumulations to LIC” column.

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