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What does the structure of pension accumulations of Kazakhstanis look like?


Recently, the most pressing issue among our contributors is the question of the amount of savings.

Many of our fellow citizens are interested in whether they will be able to claim the withdrawal of part of their pension accumulations from the UAPF?

In his Message to the People of Kazakhstan dated September 1, 2020, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K-Zh. Tokayev noted that in 2021, UAPF contributors will be able to use part of their pension savings for the purchase of housing, medical treatment or for transferring them to management of financial companies.

In this regard, on behalf of the Head of State, preparatory work is being carried out for the final adoption by the end of this year of all the necessary regulatory legal acts.

In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at the structure of pension accumulations of our contributors across the country as of September 01, 2020.

So, out of 10,870,610 contributors (beneficiaries) of compulsory pension contributions (CPC) with pension savings in their accounts, 5,615,939 are men and 5,254,671 are women. Their total savings are KZT11,942,813 mln, of which

KZT7,040,032 mln belongs to men, and KZT4,902,781 mln belongs to women.

Have pension savings in the amount of:

up to KZT 500 thousand - 5,906,632 people;

from KZT 501 thousand to KZT 1 mln - 1,590,837 people;

from KZT 1 mln to KZT 3 mln - 2,348,114 people;

from KZT 3 mln – KZT 5 mln - 634 188 people;

from KZT 5 mln - KZT 8 mln - 238 931 people;

over KZT 8 mln - 151,908 people.

At the same time, the average amount of savings for men is KZT 1 254 thousand, and for women – KZT 933 thousand. However, if we evaluate the pension savings of those who regularly made contributions for the entire past accumulation period, then among the contributors who have made monthly contributions since 1998, the average amount of savings for men was KZT 5.8 mln and for women – KZT 4.4 mln.


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